Beautiful decorative lighting made by artisans in Australia.



More than a simple supplier of addressable LED nodes, Carl Stahl X-LED provides designers with complete solutions from design assistance, engineering support, static analysis, and materials selection all the way through to site supervision and commissioning. Along the way, we offer an unmatched selection of custom integrated mounting options and LED technology to turn design intent into reality.



High quality LED and tape light products



HIGH 5 LED offers a complete line of commercial and industrial LED lighting fixtures. Every product is UL and/or ETL certified and carries a 5 year warranty. American owned company with various warehouse locations across the USA.


Inverter Systems Inc.

ISI is now entering our 21st year of business. ISI provides a full line of UL 924 Listed inverters or central power systems, exit signs and battery back-up emergency lights.



Elevate your interior experience with LANTANA Luminaire’s distinctive, sharp, and exquisite design ideal for multiple industry applications.



LifeSafety Lighting offers a complete line of life safety lighting. Every product is UL and/or ETL certified and carries a 5 year warranty. American owned company with various warehouse locations across the USA.

Lucent lighting


Been in business since 1990 but jumped into Architectural lighting with ProSpex downlights in 2007. Interior and exterior specification quality lighting. Ideal for commercial interiors, mixed residential, hospitality, and retail. Lucent has manufacturing based in New York.

Architectrual downlights, spots, gimbals, multiples, and more


Lum-Tech Lighting

Established in 2003, LumTech Lighting quickly became one of the East Coast’s leading manufacturers of recessed downlighting products.

Meomi Lighting


Meomi Lighting started its journey with two engineers at a garage with passion for lighting! The idea was simple at the beginning and it remains the same today. Provide high quality lighting products for wide range of applications for varying customer needs. So, our offerings cater to abstract, uncommon and varied lighting design concepts.

Premise lighting


Premise LED was born in 2010 as CORE Products Canada Ltd. It was the product of two very different, but very committed ‘lighting guys’. Our concept was to promote energy efficient lighting products, which certainly was not a unique concept at the time. The twist on the idea was to do it differently than anyone else was. We decided to focus on Tier 1 product quality only. No cutting corners… no tricks… strictly top quality. We sourced products from the same factories as the big brands, and offered them at exceptional prices. We agreed that we could not be all things to all customers. We had to focus – we had to choose a narrow product offering and do it better than anyone else. We had to stick to the core of our business.

Radiant Architectural Lighting


UK based lighting designed by David Morgan. Great for museums, hotels, historic buildings.

Architectral: Flexible LED, Track, Effect lighting

Snowball lighting


Founded in 2007. Assembled in El Paso, TX. Many of the products come with CCT and Wattage selector switches. They leverage quality 5050 chips.

Architectral: Rings, unique linears, shapes
Commercial: downlights, flat panels and exterior.

TPR Enterprises


Established in 1980, TPR Enterprises has become one of the premier LED and Fiber Optic lighting manufacturers in North America. With a core group of LED products and a complete range of Fiber Optics, TPR can solve a multitude of your lighting needs.

Vyv Antimicrobial Light


State of the art, continuous use, UV-Free antimicrobial light.

ZUMA lighting


With over 100 years of lighting and manufacturing experience, our team has developed products that provide solutions to a wide variety of commercial and industrial markets, both domestically and internationally.

Architectural: decorative, historical, sports, utility, industrial, hospitality lighting, pole manufacturing, as well as LED retrofit kits.